Iztuzu: a difficult year in Paradise.

After British Socialite June Haimhoff campaigned to save the turtles of Iztuzu Beach the pristine Dalyan Delta was declared a Nature Reserve and tiny Dalyan, a hamlet of 240 souls, became a global village welcoming 100,000 tourists a year. For a time the villagers prospered with a foot in both worlds. Now, as the tourist trade declines, they must re-invent their lives once more. Iztuzu follows the intimate dramas of one extended family and charts a year in the life of this beguiling community as they face an uncertain future together. 

As we emerge from a pandemic that has altered people’s values, Iztuzu spins a fable for our times: a tale of local and global, old and new; a celebration of family and comradeship; a chronicle of a people at a crossroads and their relationship to their wild, beautiful and endangered world.

Iztuzu, a feature documentary for cinema, will be released in 2023.