Meet the Production Team for Iztuzu.

Executive Producer Mia Bays has worked in the film industry for 25 years. Her documentary credits as a producer include the award winning Letters From Baghdad (2016: Co-producer) and the Bafta nominated Scott Walker: 30th Century Man. From 2007-14 Mia was the Creative Producer for the Microwave Scheme, steering the development, production and release of numerous successful features. In 2021 Mia was appointed as Director of the British Film Institute’s Film Fund.

Iztuzu is Directed by Miriam Day. Miriam trained as a fiction director at the UK’s National Film and Television School and has 30 years experience of working in the Media. She has a long standing professional interest in the culture of the Middle East and visited Dalyan multiple times over a ten year period prior to deciding to make a documentary about the Dalyan Delta and the unique community that live there.

Producer Paul Sng is a bi-racial British Chinese film maker whose work focuses on people who challenge the status quo. His work has been screened internationally and his feature film credits include Dispossesion, Year of the Dog and Poly Styrene: I am a cliche – winner of the BIFA 2021 Best Documentary, BIFA 2021 Raindance Discovery Award and nominated for several Best Documentary awards including BAFTA and Grierson.

Director of Photography Nigel Kinnings has travelled all over the world, from Borneo to Siberia, filming cultural, wildlife and travel programmes. His credits include 20 programmes in the award winning Lonely Planet / Globe Trekker series, numerous programmes for Discovery & National Geographic, and 5 series of the BAFTA nominated Animal Antics.

Sound Recordist Rory Smith has a background as a field recordist and has been collecting his own a library of ambient and natural sounds since he was fourteen years old. Rory has worked on both drama and documentaries as a location sound recordist and has a Diploma in Production Sound from the UK’s prestigious National Film and Television School.

Associate Producer Atakan Soruc worked for many years as a ‘fixer’ in Istanbul before moving to Dalyan in 2010, having spent summers in the village for much of his life. Atakan raised finance, managed the pre-production and logistics of each shoot and acted as translator and cultural advisor during filming. Atakan is also featured in the documentary.