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Iraq, Newspeak and the War on the Imagination



Iraqi Artists decorates blast wall around the US ‘green zone’. Photo by John Spanner for NYT

As a film-maker and journalist who had spent time in Baghdad, I was asked to talk at a number of meetings prior to the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Like many people I believed the machinations around ‘WMDs’ to be a pretext for war that concealed a different agenda – an agenda driven by a powerful coincidence of economic, strategic and ideological interests. I was skeptical, too, that the invasion would bring true ‘liberation’ to the Iraqi people, since I did not believe it was intended to do so. Unfortunately history has proved those who opposed the war right in both these regards. What follows is the transcript of a speech I made at a public meeting at Sussex University in March 2003, as reprinted in Eclipse Magazine.

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