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Pretty in Pink or Shameless in Seattle?


Last Friday an Italian court re-instated the conviction of American Amanda Knox and Italian Raffaele Sollecito for the savage killing of British student Meredit…h Kercher in 2007. In the British tabloids Amanda Knox, a sexually active twenty year old who smoked marijuana, has been painted as a drug-crazed, cold-hearted nymphomaniac. David Marriot, the PR consultant hired by the Knox family shortly after her arrest, re-branded her as an all-American ingénue, now shrilly defended by many in the US media and her ‘supporters’ online. Marriot’s hand can, perhaps, be seen in two interviews aired last week. The first was a 12 minute ‘exclusive’ from The Guardian. Dressed down and speaking in measured tones, Knox’s account of her alleged wrongful conviction was well-pitched to a liberal British audience. In the other 9 minute ‘exclusive’, for ABC’s Good Morning America, she was both dressed and made-up in shades of pastel pink and appeared to be on the verge of tears, her voice quivering throughout. Both interviews gave her a platform to protest her innocence, unchallenged by anything which could be described as journalism and without reference to the evidence against her.

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