My Films

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I have uploaded two of my older documentaries to Vimeo since they are both, in their different ways, of historical interest.

The first is a film I made in Cuba in 1995. After the collapse of the Soviet Union the island was plunged into crisis. Blockaded by the United States and having lost their major trading partner, the Communist Government expanded the tourist industry in order to earn hard currency. A two-tiered economy developed as a result: ordinary people had to endure scarcity while most goods were readily available to anyone with dollars. Many Cubans became ‘jiniteros’ – offering illegal services to tourists, from city tours to prostitution – in exchange for hard cash. ‘A Wedding in Havana’, made at the height of  this ‘special period’, is a snapshot of this moment of disillusion – as seen through the eyes of three couples in Old Havana. You can watch a short teaser for the film here and the whole documentary here.

The second film is called ‘Voices from Iraq.’  Shot in Iraq in 1993 it was compromised, inevitably, by the realities of filming in a police state. The film nonetheless tells a story which was barely heard in the West: the impact of the first Gulf War and ongoing economic sanctions on ordinary civilians in Iraq. The experience of making this film, the people I met and the stories they told were the original inspiration for my novel, ‘Haneen.’ You can watch ‘Voices from Iraq’ here.