Haneen Reviews

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‘It has been a joy to engage with such a thoughtful and thought-provoking book of such intelligence and emotional range. Haneen enthralled, delighted and engaged on multiple levels.’ A.S; The Literary Consultancy

‘ . . . a compelling story of a family over decades from the 1950s to the 1990s […] well-researched and unsentimentally but movingly narrated. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to learn more about Iraq and the conflict that has so devastated it whilst at the same time enjoying a very readable and enjoyable, if poignant, story.’ Amanda Jenkinson, Top 500 Amazon reviewer.

‘Luminous prose and subtle humour prevent the tale from ever being too sentimental in love or too grim in war and the vivid sense of time and place is astonishing. A genuinely poignant and moving novel which I can’t recommend too highly. ‘ A.R. Curry, Amazon.co.uk

‘I read this book on my kindle and loved it so much I immediately bought two print copies as presents for my sisters – they loved it too . . . this is a very compelling story that pulls you into the hearts of its characters. Set in the very well-researched context of Iraq from the 1950’s to the 1990’s, the novel combines political history and tangible description with a beautiful evocation of childhood and nostalgia for family, loved one, and ‘home.” Lewes Charlie, Amazon.co.uk

‘. . .  with a humorous yet tender portrayal of the protagonists’ developing relationships, ‘Haneen’ draws us into the very heart of Baghdad [ . . .] A stunning first novel evoking smiles and tears. It was impossible to put down . . .’ Lucy Wells Amazon.co.uk

‘Haneen’ transforms Iraq from just the perennial problem news item to a living breathing, historical and current entity full of life, hope, humour, honour and courage. The world needs more books like this now more than ever.’ Mark Tyrell, Amazon.co.uk

‘Day weaves a heart-breaking story into the turbulent founding of the modern state of Iraq […] Caught within, and compromised by, forces beyond their control, and with a palpable sense of dread, Day’s protagonists cling desperately to their humanity as they struggle to find their way to one another and reach reconciliation. One of the most moving books I have ever read . . . ‘ ‘Barry Unlikely’ Amazon.co.uk

‘A poignant and beautifully written story with a surprising conclusion. Buy it . . . you will only be disappointed if you have a heart of stone.’  Thomas D. Amazon.co.uk